Take this if you are looking for a simple charcoal grill on a budget. The nickel coated cooking grates are also much easier to wash compared to the traditional cast iron cooking grates. Recommended for beginners who won't be using the grill as often. Serves 6-10 pax.

Size, Construction & Features

Size - 63.5cm x 57cm x 98cm
Cooking Area - 57cm (Diameter)

Key Features
• Reliable & Sturdy - Great Alternative to Weber Grills
• Easy cleanup after use - Nikel-coated grates
• Simple & Practical & intuitive - Great Choice for a starter's set

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Additional Features

  • sturdy anodized aluminium legs
  • Rust-proof enameled steel body
  • All enamelled edges are curled over to prevent rust forming on sharp edges.
  • Dual air vents on the dome for better heat distribution
  • Stay-cool thermoplastic handles on the bowl and lid
  • Central air intake vent gives even charcoal burn
  • No ash falls out of the charcoal bowl
  • Ash easily removed by lifting and tipping the BBQ bowl upside down.
  • Convenient hook-on lid which acts as a windshield