The Holiday watering set is perfect for those who travel often. It runs totally independent of a tap so you don't have to worry about operating it. An operating timer activates itself to water from a container of your choosing everyday. Let the Holiday Watering Set take care of your beloved plants while you're away! Comes with a 9l container for use right away!

Size, Construction & Features

Key Features

• Waters up to 36 potted plants
• Safe to use - transformer is low-voltage and fully sealed
• Easy to operate - no complicated switches or buttons
• Easy to setup - plug and play right out of the box
• Flexibe water output - choose your own size of container
• Comes with a 9L container for ready use

Comes with 6 months warranty

Additional Features

  • Up to 36 pot plants can watered by system.
  • Watering is activated for 1 min per day via the transformer with built-in timer.
  • Fully sealed low-voltage transformer (14/16V) for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Pipe pegs for fixing of up to 3 drip pipes per pot.
  • Contents:
  • Transformer with timer, pump with dirt-filter, 3 drip distributors with 12 outlets each
  • 9m distribution pipe
  • 30m drip pipe
  • 36 pipe pegs
  • 20 end caps