Lightweight, safe and easy to use. These succinctly sum up the EasyCut 400's strongest qualities. Made for the regular bungalow lawn caretaker, the EasyCut 400 comes with better handle grip and an angle-adjustable trimming head to reach into tricky areas under your bench or in between potted plants. Excellent for grass areas below 30 sq metres.

Size, Construction & Features

Key Features

• Safe to use - Integrated safety switch ensures device cannot be switched on accidentally
• Light & perfect for ladies - Only 2.4kg
• Good handling & easy to use - Equiped with a supporting handle for both hands
• Can easily reach difficult-to-reach or tricky areas - adjustable angles with the handle and trimmer heads

Comes with 6 months warranty

Additional Features

  • For all trimming jobs in the garden.
  • Particularly suitable for problem areas by walls, on steps, next to fences, around trees and under bushes.
  • Adjustable filament feed using tip mechanism.
  • Height of additional handle is fully adjustable.
  • Rocker switches for comfortable grip and easy switch-on.
  • With 4-color display carton and information card.
  • Cutting diameter 250mm
  • Motor power 420W
  • String diameter 1.6mm
  • String length 6m