A great alternative to actual lawnmowers, the Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 is practically designed for the lazy Singaporean. Motorized cutting makes your lawning day easy, and its lightweight nature fits any gentle household lady. Take this if your lawn is smaller than 30 sq metres and want to finish cutting in 20 mins.

Size, Construction & Features

Key Features

• Safe to use - Integrated safety switch ensures device cannot be switched on accidentally
• Light & perfect for ladies - Only 1.9kg
• High freedom of movement - 10m long cord
• Good handling & easy to use - Equiped with a supporting handle for two hands

Comes with 6 months warranty

Additional Features

  • For precision mowing as with shears.
  • Extremely smooth-running, quiet and effort saving.
  • Contact-free cutting technique (cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch each other)
  • Extremely quiet and easy to push.
  • Hardened, non-stick coated cutting cylinder made of quality steel and a ground bottom blade for a clean
  • and precise cut.
  • Easy, infinitely-variable cutting height adjustment using handy controller.
  • Cutting height scale on both sides is easy to read.
  • Large wheels with special profile for guiding the lawnmower with more grip.
  • Handle comes apart for compact storge and transportation.
  • Recommended additional accessories: Grass Catcher
  • 4-color display carton.
  • Lawnmowers working width 30cm
  • Recommended for areas of lawn up to approx. 100 square metres
  • Cutting height adjustment 12 to 42mm
  • Weight approx. 8kg