Why is temperature of my BBQ unable to go beyond 250 degrees Celsius even when turned to the maximum?

This is a common question that many grillers have asked us about. Clearly, it is a frustrating experience to endure, especially when you are all ready for a big turkey roast over the Christmas.

There could be many reasons behind this problem, some of which require technical assistance from your grill tech-support. More often than not, though, it is down to 2 simple causes:

1. Opening the LPG gas valve too rapidly
2. Burners or burner knobs are in “open” position when you turn off the LPG valve

To rectify the situation, turn off all control knobs on the BBQ, turn off LPG valves and disconnect the regulator from the LPG tank. Wait for 5 minutes, then reconnect the regulator. Turn on the LPG valve slowly to open. With the BBQ hood open, turn on the BBQ control knobs and ignite the burner one by one.

If the problem still persists, it is likely a technical problem with the grill and you’ll have to contact your grill supplier for further assistance.