woodchipsWoodchips may be added in the process of cooking to enhance the flavor of meat and to get the smoky flavor commonly associated with charcoal grills. The great thing about woodchips is that it can be easily used for both charcoal and gas grills. When used for charcoal, it adds an extra flavor to your meat (depending on your choice of woodchips), which is nice of course. But when used for gas grills, it really shines because you can then get the coveted smoky feel and taste of meat that is usually only available with charcoal grills.

How to Use Woodchips:

  1. Soak woodchips in water for about half an hour before use.
  2. Shake dry
  3. Sprinkle over burning coal
  4. Add meat for cooking

In the case of gas grills, wrap woodchips in aluminum foil and then make small holes in the foil for easy smoke release. Alternatively, you can place woodchips in a smoker box if you have one. Place the packet of wood chips or smoker box on the flame tamer/heat distributor of your BBQ. Pre-heat your BBQ until smoke is released from the woodchips, then put in your meat to cook.

Whether you are using charcoal or gas grills, ensure that the hood of the BBQ is closed so that smoke released is trapped within the cooking chamber. This is important for infusing the smoke and flavors into your meat.
Woodchips are easily available in good BBQ shops, such as ours (snicker). Common flavors of woodchips in Singapore are hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry and wine-barreled chips (with a taste of wine and oak).

Aside from woodchips, a number of different herbs, spices and even tea leaves can be pretty common residents of the cooking chamber. Be adventurous and innovative. Try experimenting with different herbs and spices to see what you can come up. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a new flavor altogether!