Hood Type: Vitreous Enamel with Aluminium Die Cast Ends
Burner Type: 0.8mm 304 Stainless Steel
Flame Tamers Type: Aluminised Steel
Ignition Type(Main Burner): Integrated
Temperature Gauge: Yes
Side Trays Type: Powdercoated
No. of Wheels/ Type of Wheels: 4/ Castors
Grill Body: Vitreous Enamel
Plate/Grill Type: Vitreous Cast Iron
No. of Grill Plates/ Dimensions of 1 Grill Plate (mm): 1/ 348 x 447
No. of Hotplates/ Dimensions of 1 Hotplate (mm): 1/ 347 x 448
Cooking Configuration: 50/50 Split Hotplate & Grill
Total Input (Mj/h): 68.2


No. of Main Burners X Mj/h: 1 X 11.5
No. of Side Burners X Mj/h: 1 X 10
No. of Rear Burners X Mj/h: 1 X 12.2
Width(mm): 1465
Depth with Hood Closed(mm): 555
Depth with Hood Open(mm): 625
Height(mm): 1137
Cooking Surface Area(mm): 710 X 453
Rain Cover: Yes
Rotisserie: Yes