The Napoleon kettle is the answer to Singapore's Weber woes. Similar to the Weber Gold 22.5 in terms of size and design, the kettle goes on further by beating it in terms of durability and quality. Robust, simple to use and easy to cleanup. Great for beginners 4-6 pax.

Size, Construction & Features

Size - 70cm x 60cm x 110cm
Cooking Area - 57cm (Diameter)

Key Features
• Perfect for 4-6pax
• Basic charocal grill - Easy to startup and use
• Nickel coated grates - Easy to cleanup
• Ash release lever - Easy cleanup with the pull of a lever

Additional Features

  • Platinum Porcelain enamel lid
  • Adjustable air control (top and bottom)
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
  • Cool-Touch heavy duty handles
  • Removable, high capacity ash catcher
  • Tall leg height for comfortable use