Charcoal Kettle 22"

Napoleon's compact and agile Charcoal Kettle Grill, is a charcoal grill that is ideal for any charcoal enthusiast. With weather resistant wheels, this grill can easily find the action. Grill and slow roast with ease, or smoke by adding your favourite wood chips and chunks to the burning charcoal for even more incredible flavour. When charcoal grilling, being able to control heat through airflow is essential and easy to accomplish with adjustable vents at the top and bottom of the grill. Our ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge helps you maintain the perfect temperature and even has a guide to show you the ideal smoke and sear range for your meal. The lid features a built-in lid hanger and cool touch handle to keep your hands away from the heat while grilling. Robust, simple to use and easy to cleanup. Great for beginners 8-15 pax.

Charcoal Kettle 22"
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  • Perfect for 8-15pax
  • Basic charocal grill - Easy to startup and use
  • Nickel coated grates - Easy to cleanup
  • Ash release lever - Easy cleanup with the pull of a lever

Additional Features

  • Platinum Porcelain enamel lid
  • Adjustable air control (top and bottom)
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
  • Cool-Touch heavy duty handles
  • Removable, high capacity ash catcher
  • Tall leg height for comfortable use


  • Size: 70cm x 60cm x 110cm
  • Cooking Area: 57cm (Diameter)