TravelQ PRO285 Cart Kit

Take gourmet grilling anywhere, on any terrain with the Napoleon TravelQ TQ285X Portable Gas Grill with Scissor Cart. This portable grill is fixed to a scissor cart that folds down for easy upright storage, you can even hang it on a wall, and sets up in seconds with just a lift and pull. The integrated side shelves provide prep area with a place for your towels and tools. The large wheels traverse any terrain easily, whether you're grilling on the deck or grilling in the woods. The TravelQ boasts a superior wind-proof design that prevents the grill from cooling and holds in the heat. The TQ285X heats quickly with the dual stainless steel burners, each with their own ignition and control. That means you can grill over direct heat, turn one burner off and grill over indirect heat, and even use your TravelQ as a smoker with the Napoleon Smoker Pipe. The porcelainized cast iron WAVE cooking grids cradle the food, providing even heat with easy clean-up. And the JETFIRE ignition system guarantees lighting every time. Boasting innovation and design, the TravelQ is the proud winner of the 2014 Vesta Award. Take the award winning TravelQ TQ285X wherever you want, to make gourmet grilled food anywhere.

TravelQ PRO285 Cart Kit
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$790 (without cart)

Grill features

The grill itself has 12,000 BTU’s of power easily provided by a 1.2 lb. gas tank, or you can hook it up to a full sized tank with an optional conversion hose. The TravelQ™ has 285 square inches of grilling area. That means you can cook up to 20 hamburgers at once. Not little wimpy ones either.

The porcelianized cast iron cooking grids are just like your favourite cast iron pan. When properly seasoned, create a perfect non-stick surface for all kinds of grilling. With Napoleon’s TravelQ™ you can sear a perfect steak over direct heat, roast or bake using indirect heat and even smoke, using the Napoleon Smoker Tube, with the two, individually controlled, stainless steel tube burners.

Whether tailgating, picnicking, adventuring, or just relaxing at home, the Napoleon TravelQ™ is the perfect little grill that provides big results.

Cart features

  • Quick Set Up
  • Lightweight Cart
  • Removable Side Shelves
  • Condiment Tray
  • Height – 71cm
  • Width – 79.5cm
  • Depth – 52.5cm
  • Weight – 8.1kg
TravelQ PRO285 Cart Kit