Professional Stainless Steel Gas Grills

Welcome to the world of large stainless steel gas grills. The largest professional BBQ gas grill in Singapore today is the Broil King Imperial XL. This Broil King BBQ grill, along with the other options here, is recommended only for the most die-hand, BBQ grill loving fans and professional chefs. Host your own BBQ grill party with these state-of-the-art grills or even use them in your own grill restaurant. With a stainless steel gas grill as big as this, quality is of the utmost importance. Aside from being made of full stainless steel, all the grills sold under this category also come with a full distributor's warranty so you never have to worry about breakdowns or replacement parts.

Sovereign XL 90

Prestige P500RSIB

Prestige PRO500

Prestige PRO665

Prestige PRO825

Napoleon PRO605CSS